Versatile, vibrating and not just for vaginas. Tilt is designed to please all genders and anatomies. Its two independently-controlled motors deliver powerful, intense, rumbly vibrations internally and externally, simultaneously stimulating the G-spot and clitoris, or the P-spot and perineum. It’ll stay in place during foreplay and intercourse leaving your hands free to roam. And it’s customizable to your needs with seven intensity settings and three vibrating patterns. 

Plus… upgrade alert: It’s warming—making it even more comfortable, wearable and pleasurable. Tilt’s WarmSense™ technology warms quickly to 104° F / 40° C, just above body temp, for a natural, sensual heat that feels like a warm partner. 


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Endless exploration for all your parts

Designed for dual pleasure

Adjust to your vibes.


Get wet in the bath or shower.

7 Intensity Settings

Pace yourself.

Double the pleasure Play around Warm & cozy Adjust & explore

Warming technology like none other

The heat is on

Tilt warms to 104° F / 40° C, just above body temp, for a natural, sensual heat. WarmSense™ technology delivers rapid, even heat throughout the material so you can let your body relax and your mind stay focused on the fun.

Designed for dual pleasure

Ergonomic meets erotic

Tilt is uniquely contoured to be comfortable and wearable. Plus, it’s designed with dual motors to stimulate two pleasure points at once. The sculpted external arm allows for simultaneous clitoral or perineal stimulation, and endless exploration.

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How is Tilt unique to other pleasure products?

In addition to Tilt’s advanced polymer heating technology, we shaped Tilt’s silhouette to be perfectly-angled and used as both a G-spot and P-spot stimulator. Two external stimulation points also extend outward to reach the clitoris and/or perineum with precise accuracy, delivering simultaneous intensity. Tilt’s versatility has resulted in two pleasure products in one, suitable for all bodies.

How is Tilt used?

Tilt’s hands-free design allows you to have your cake, and eat it too! Perfect for the ambitious multi-tasker, Tilt can be worn during solo play, foreplay, or partner play. If you are a vulva owner, Tilt also doubles as a fantastic kegel training tool, which can help balance the pelvic floor muscles. With 7 intensity settings and 3 versatile patterns, Tilt doesn't have to be used at maximum speed to stimulate - and the internal/external vibrations are optional, because Tilt has dual motors.

What is the primary benefit of Tilt’s heating technology?

Lora DiCarlo’s unique, conductive polymer heating technology allows Tilt to heat rapidly, so that you can stay in the moment. We implemented this effective heating technology to provide a comfortable experience for all users, simulating a realistic ‘human touch’ experience as closely as possible. Advanced heating will relax the muscles during use, and deliver a more enhanced sensory experience from start to finish.

How does Tilt feel?

Tilt is coated in velvety-soft, medical-grade silicone (like the entire Lora DiCarlo product collection). It has a semi-firm hardness, which is a vital component when it comes to deep stimulation, and ultimately, achieving a very powerful G-spot orgasm. We suggest using Fluid Aqua, our water-based personal lubrication, for this high-quality material.

How do I clean Tilt?

Ensure that Tilt is cleaned after every use (and before, if you wish). Since Tilt is fully submersible, you can run it under warm water with antibacterial soap or pleasure product cleaner to rinse residue safely effectively. 

How do I know that the heating will not burn me?

We ensure that Drift, Tilt and Sway have been thoroughly tested for electrical compliance, and with normal use there are no risks associated. Our thermal conductive polymer tech will never exceed 104° / 40° C.

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