Fluid Aqua


Whoever you are, whatever your pleasure, Fluid Aqua lube can make it feel even better—boosting the ease, comfort and longevity of sexual activities. This silky smooth water-based intimate lubricant can be used by any gender to enhance pleasure by supplementing the body’s natural lubrication. It’s compatible with latex condoms and your favorite toys. To use, apply, reapply and enjoy.

We are here to empower your path to pleasure. Every purchase comes with a complimentary coaching consultation with a Lora DiCarlo Wellness Coach. Need help deciding? Schedule a virtual consultation here.


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Body safe for your health and wellness


Gentle yet powerful.


Pleasure product safe for long-lasting fun

FDA Certified

Feel good inside and out

For all the ways you play More fluid, more fun Let your pleasure flow Now let’s get wet

Made to please

Fluid Aqua lube is made to stimulate, not to irritate. It’s FDA certified, GMO and paraben free, and water-based.

Feels like you

No worries—silky smooth Fluid Aqua lube isn’t greasy and doesn’t stain. It feels and acts like a natural supplement to your body’s own lubrication.

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What are the primary benefits of Fluid Aqua?

Lora DiCarlo’s high-quality sexual lubricant was developed to enhance comfort and pleasure during foreplay, intercourse and/or solo masturbation. Our vegan, water-based formula mimics the feel of natural lubrication, and is perfect for beginners or experienced connoisseurs. Fluid Aqua provides moisture to intimate areas, allowing intercourse and penetration to feel more pleasurable, which at times can lead to quicker, more intense orgasms.

What is Fluid Aqua’s texture like?

Fluid Aqua has a silky texture with a medium-thick, gel viscosity. Our premium, water-based formula is non-greasy, non-staining, odor-free, and was developed to enhance sexual comfort during foreplay and/or penetration in the bedroom, shower, or bath.

Is Fluid Aqua compatible with pleasure products?

Yes - Fluid Aqua is compatible with all intimate devices. Aqua’s water-based formula is universally compatible with all pleasure products, and safe for use during vaginal or anal inercourse. Fluid Aqua’s is long-lasting, free of parabens, GMOs, gluten and sugar, and will not affect the lifespan or quality of your pleasure products.

How do I use Fluid Aqua?

To open, remove the plastic safety seal at the opening of the tube. Apply 1-2 small dollops of Fluid Aqua to the palm of your hand, and apply a thin ‘test’ layer to the vulva, anus, or directly onto your pleasure product. Feel free to re-apply a small amount as often as needed to ensure comfort and pleasure.
Please note, during use with silicone pleasure products, re-application may be needed. Fluid Aqua is not a contraceptive, or compatible with polyurethane condoms. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional.

Fluid Aqua is not suitable for consumption.

What is the complete list of ingredients in Fluid Aqua?


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Fluid Aqua
Fluid Aqua