Orgasms at the touch of a finger? With no vibration required? That’s precisely what Osé 2 was designed to deliver—powerful blended orgasms–with features that mimic human touch.

Orgasms provide so many health benefits—boosted immunity, pain relief, a strong pelvic floor—so they’re an important aspect of overall sexual health. Sexual wellness stems from, and impacts, your mental health and total body wellbeing, so at Lora DiCarlo we make pleasure a priority.

The products and tools that you can use to enhance your pleasure are many. To show differences and help you select the right toy, we’re comparing Osé 2 with the Womanizer Duo, a dual stimulation toy for people with vulvas.

Anatomical Design


Osé 2 Womanizer Duo
Adjustable Fit

Ergonomic vs. Anatomical


You may be asking, “What does Osé 2 do?” Good question. Osé 2 uses microrobotic functions, designed using the principles of biomimicry, to stimulate two erogenous zones at once. When you stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously you can have a blended orgasm.

Blended orgasms are simple to explain, but powerful to experience. It can seem difficult to climax in both areas at once, but Osé 2 lets you customize, position, angle, depth, speed, and placement of each feature, meaning you can hone in on exactly the sensations you need to make a blended orgasm possible.

Osé 2’s flexible body is completely adjustable, so you can find your best, most comfortable fit inside the vaginal canal.

The G-spot Massager on Osé 2 mimics the come-hither motion of a finger and has been redesigned to be slimmer, softer, and more accessible while the Clitoral Stimulator uses airflow technology to create gentle suction on the glans clitoris.

In some ways, the Womanizer Duo is similar to Osé 2. Both are designed to fit with your body, but the Womanizer Duo’s internal stimulator isn’t as customizable. It also uses simple vibration to stimulate the G-spot, as opposed to the full stroking motion and multiple settings offered with Osé 2.

Sensation Differences


Osé 2 Womanizer Duo
Clitoral suction

G-spot massage

Entire clitoral stimulation

Adjustable settings

One of Osé 2’s claims to fame is its adjustability and multiple settings. Not only can you adjust the position of the G-spot finger, custom settings allow you to determine the length and speed of each stroke against the G-spot. You can also control the intensity of the Clitoral Stimulator and choose more or less pinpointed placement—creating the perfect for-you oral sex experience.

While both toys stimulate the clitoris, we’re really proud of the way Osé 2 stimulates the entire clitoral structure, not just the external portion, the glans. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, many of which extend into the labia and vaginal canal below the surface. Osé 2 delivers stimulation to deep, internal parts of the clitoris instead of just the outside.

While you can purchase differently-sized heads for the Womanizer Duo, it uses touchless stimulation with airflow technology. That means it never actually touches your clitoris, and we’re of the mind that good oral requires intimate contact.

Osé 2 encapsulates your sensitive clitoris from the moment it’s unboxed. More clitoris stimulated = more mind-blowing orgasms that go further than surface level.

Features and Battery


Osé 2 Womanizer Duo
Medical-grade, soft touch silicone

One-touch Turnoff

Magnetic charging


For Osé 2, we upped the quality of our medical-grade silicone. It was always soft, but now it’s even more realistic. The magnetic USB charging port means it’s completely waterproof so your showerhead can officially retire. Osé 2’s unique one-touch turn off feature provides a gentle way to end your session. The G-spot massager powers completely off, while the Clitoral Stimulator sets itself to the lowest level for a smooth transition.

Company Support


Osé 2 Womanizer Duo
Free sexual wellness sessions

Designed by women

At Lora DiCarlo, we believe that pleasure is a right and sexual health and wellness should be available to everyone. That’s why we’re proud to offer free sexual wellness and product coaching sessions.

We aren’t here to replace your sex therapist, but our staff sexperts will answer your burning questions and discuss obstacles holding you back from powerful orgasms. We’ll also help you discover which products are right for you. After all, many consider Osé 2 not to be a beginner’s toy. If you’re not ready, let’s talk about other options you feel more comfortable with.

Lora DiCarlo is also female-owned. Our founder, Lora Haddock DiCarlo, wanted to bring the empowerment she felt with her own blended orgasm experience to as many people as possible. Thus, our company was born.

Since our inception we’ve won Robotics Innovation Awards, had them taken away, then kicked up a fuss in the media and fought to have our awards reinstated. Then we came back and won again. There’s no place for sexual stigma, taboo, or gender inequality in any industry—but especially in robotics, where minority groups are often left out. Everyday, we fight for sex education and equality.

The cornerstone of our company culture is inclusivity, innovation, and advocacy. It’s something we’ll always stand by.

We hope this comparison has made it a little easier to choose which toy is right for you. And hey, if that’s not Osé 2, no hard feelings. We have a line of pleasure products we know you’ll love, over and over again.