Ah yes, the daily grooming routine. Brushing your teeth, showering, combing your hair and… cleaning your sex toys? Well, if you’re anything like us cleaning personal pleasure devices is a daily task too, because you need to clean your toys as often as you use them.

Cleaning toys is essential for preventing infections, bacteria and more, but which kind of cleaner you use depends on the type of material your device is made from. You can’t just slap any kind of soap on a sex toy, especially if it’s not waterproof! With a little guidance, you’ll have your sex toy arsenal clean as a whistle and ready for continued play, so let’s dive in.

What’s Your Pleasure Device Made Out Of?

Just like certain lubes may or may not be toy safe because of the material your sex toy is made with, the same goes for cleaner. Usually devices will come with instructions for cleaning on the package, but if not, you might ask customer service at the store where you purchased it. 

Non-porous toys made from glass, medical grade silicone or medical grade stainless steel are much easier to clean and are less likely to hold onto bacteria, unlike porous toys, which you want to stay away from if you can. Many times this information will also be on packaging and labels. At Lora DiCarlo, every pleasure device we create is made with medical-grade silicone and other body-safe materials. These are the smoothest, most comfortable, easiest to clean, and in our opinion, the only kind of material we feel comfortable using on our own bodies!

Even within the range of “premium” or medical-grade materials there’s a wide variety, and according to Women’s Health, the type of cleaner you use for each is important. They recommend the following cleaners for each:

  • Motorized silicone, glass, stainless steel, or wood sex toys should be cleaned with mild antibacterial soap and a damp cloth.

  • Non-motorized silicone, Pyrex, stainless steel, or stone toys should be cleaned with boiling water for up to 10 minutes.

  • Cyberskin should be cleaned with a little bit of soap and warm water, taking care to be gentle to protect the sensitive material.

  • Hard plastic, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR), or jelly rubber sex toys can still contain bacteria after washing, so use a condom if sharing with a partner.

You may also encounter a few less common materials, too, but their care is no less important.

  • Leather toys can be wiped down with soap and water or with a special leather cleaner, according to Refinery 29. Keep your BDSM gear in top shape, too! And remember that PVC and fake leather usually can’t be claned the same way, so check your kinky dominatrix outfits and toys for care instructions.

  • Crystal sex toys should be washed extremely carefully. If you’re in the business of purchasing crystal sex toys, know that a) not all are safe for insertion and b) some crystals leech minerals or become toxic when wet. Your best bet is to research carefully and ask shop owners or check packaging for strict instructions. Proceed with caution!

Protection, Always

See that tip up there about using a condom with sex toys when sharing with a partner? It’s a good idea for a number of play situations to prevent STIs, like:

  • When having sex with multiple partners at once (aka a threesome or an orgy) and sharing toys between participants
  • When using porous materials that can retain bacteria and transmit STIs
  • Before and after any time a new partner uses a toy; cleaning it in front of them or talking through your toy cleaning process can make a casual partner feel comfortable and should feel as natural as asking about testing and STI status.

Remember to use the right lube, too, because not all lube is condom-safe! Water-based lubes like our own Fluid Aqua boost your natural lubrication or provide extra smoothness in areas that don’t self-lubricate, like your anus. Fluid Aqua is also safe for condom, toys, and penetration! 

Storage Keeps Your Clean Toys Clean

When you’re done cleaning, allow your toy to dry properly. Extra moisture after play isn’t good and can breed bacteria! You might wipe toys down with a soft towel or allow them to air-dry; a little tip for pleasure devices with sumptuous curves and crevices—like our own Baci—is to use a soft Q-tip to gently dry small or hard-to-reach areas.

After drying, you’re not done yet! Storage will protect your toys from debris, dust and other particles and ensure your toys remain like-new. Lora DiCarlo toys are all packaged with sunny yellow storage bags made from recycled plastic bottles taken out of the ocean and other waterways, and are a great storage option. Other toys may have similar options, but if not, you may have something around your home you can use—washable or wipeable bags are great options!

No matter what kind of toys and pleasure devices you’re working with, cleaning and safe use is key! At Lora DiCarlo we prioritize premium, medical-grade silicone and materials that are easy to clean and body-safe. Our lubricant is safe for condom and toy use, too!

Wherever your pleasure takes you, we’re with you! With the right post-play routine your toys will last for a long time and provide orgasm after squeaky clean orgasm.