Finally, the clitoris gets all the attention. At Lora DiCarlo, we’ve got five sleek designs for sexier times, and we want to showcase our newest additions to the family—Filare and Carezza.

We’ve covered the basics of sexual health for Sexual Health Awareness Month, and now it’s time to get to the fun part of sexual wellness: choosing your pleasure and taking control of your orgasm. Each of these new microrobots take your pleasure up a notch in unique ways, so comparing their features and differences will help you choose which one is best for your unique anatomy.

Comparing Filare and Carezza


Filare Carezza
Clitoral Stimulation

Battery Life

1 hour

1 hour





Type of Stimulation



Intensity Settings






Twist and Shout with Filare

Longing for some human-ish touch? Filare is a clitoral stimulator that mimics a human tongue swirling over and around the clitoris. Unlike other stimulators, Filare features two stimulation points and offers a wide range of choices, from slow stroking to an intense vibration.

Filare uses two balls to mimic the tongue, and it can swirl so quickly it feels like a vibe. Want a lighter or more intense stroke? Two different ball heights let you control how much the stimulators press out of the soft, medical-grade silicone.

Filare has three stimulation modes:

  • Clockwise, with the balls protruding
  • Counter-clockwise, with the balls more recessed
  • Swirling back and forth

Feel The Beat With Carezza

Carezza is designed to mimic a human finger pulsating on your clitoris (or wherever you’re craving a little stimulation). It starts with a gentle massage, building to a deep drumming vibration. Carezza fits in your palm with a soft, rounded tip that pinpoints your pleasure.

Like many Lora DiCarlo products, microrobotics make Carezza unique, mimicking the feeling of a human fingertip. But Carezza is also special because it’s like nothing else on the market. We found that 58% of our customers enjoy pulsating or vibrating, and Carezza delivers.

Position Carezza’s fingertip stimulation point against your clitoris and explore! Try it on each side as well as the top and bottom, moving the labia aside as needed. Set the speed of your sensations with PercussionTouch™ technology and get ready to leave your body singing.

Which One Vibes With You?

Your choice between Filare and Carezza could be based on:

  • What kind of touch you’re craving: tongue vs. finger
  • Desire to try a new kind of stimulation you’ve never experienced
  • The toy you and your partner are most interested in together

Filare and Carezza are both great options for sexual explorers who love trying new sensations or beginners who are new to clitoral stimulation. Our products are more than simple vibrators. With these new clitoral stimulators you’re getting the best, and most unique, sextech on the market.

Clitoral stimulation is also good for partners who want to spice up their play. Achieving blended orgasm through partner penetration—whether with a dildo or penis—plus clitoral stimulation is more possible than ever with a little help.

And of course, both are good options for self-satisfiers and those of us who may not currently have a partner. If you’re not comfortable with penetration or simply want to add a toy to your collection your choice has never been easier.

As with all Lora DiCarlo toys, we recommend using a water-based lube with both Filare and Carezza, as well as a thorough wash between each use. Each purchase also comes with a complimentary wellness coaching session. Your pleasure is our pleasure.

Learn more about Lora DiCarlo product coaching and sexual wellness sessions.

Wherever Pleasure Takes You

The best toys for women and people with vulvas put the power in your hands, so we’re delighted to present two new O-inducing choices. Whether you’re already partnered or not, pleasure is now at the tip of your fingers, and it’s sleeker and sexier than ever.

What better way to spend your time indoors, whether you’re socially distancing or simply cozying up in cool fall weather, than with a new sophisticated pleasure device that delivers clitoral stimulation just the way you want?