What is Sexual Empowerment?

Sexual empowerment means something different to everyone. There are as many ways to celebrate sexual empowerment as there are individuals who celebrate it. Sexual empowerment creates a positive culture where femmes and men can ask partners intimate questions and share their desires. Creating an open dialogue about these topics removes stigma for all genders.

When we have control over our bodies, we have control over our lives. Controlling how, when and where we have sex and how others view our bodies creates equitable standards among genders. There are steps every individual can take to support equity and sexual empowerment, whether you are a femme or an ally, including setting your own boundaries and learning about your unique anatomy.

Because many female-founded companies support causes and create products designed to better life for everyone, supporting them is twice as impactful in creating a more equitable society.

What is Sexual Health?

Understanding your body and boundaries is a great way to promote sexual health as well. Sexual health begins with understanding and preventing—if desired—pregnancy, and it includes preventing and understanding sexually transmitted infections, too. Keeping our bodies healthy and understanding how they work is important, but sexual health encompasses so much more.

The American Sexual Health Association defines sexual health as “the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives.” We all have sexual rights, and understanding and promoting those rights are a major part of sexual health.

The ASHA also highlights “being able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired,” which is incredibly important for women and femmes in a society where many women don’t, or have never, experienced orgasms.

Sexual Health as an Industry

Sexual health and empowering others to reclaim knowledge and power over their bodies is a growing industry, and it’s no surprise women and femmes are leading the charge. In the last nine years, the number of female-founded companies has increased at a rate faster than all firms in every industry—that of course, includes sexual health.

Because many female-founded companies support causes and create products designed to better life for everyone, supporting them is twice as impactful in creating a more equitable society. As we fight to close the gender wage pay gap and as companies benefit from more women in leadership, it’s more important than ever to drive awareness and support female-founded companies, particularly those that take on sexual health and empowerment.

Female-Founded Sexual Health Companies

Among the many female-founded companies promoting sexual health is Rosy, designed to help the 30 million women suffering from low libido. Lyndsey Harper, MD, is the founder and CEO of Rosy, an app for women struggling with decreased sexual desire. Rosy was designed by medical professionals and focuses on evidence-based methods and educational information to help femmes improve their sexual health and satisfaction.

Another fantastic source of information is the book “Orgasmic Leadership,” by Rachel Braun Sherl. The book teaches readers about the business opportunities in the femme health space, and the amazing entrepreneurs creating products and services that women need. A self-proclaimed “vagipreneur”, Rachel challenges the outmoded constructs that female founders are creatively overcoming.

Among these female-led companies is also Lora DiCarlo, dedicated to creating a sexually equitable world where all genders and sexualities are met with innovative and thoughtful tools to serve on their path to pleasure. For femmes who struggle to experience orgasms or who have never experienced a blended orgasm, the Osé experience is truly amazing.

All of these female-founded companies are dedicated to increasing and empowering sexual health, so buyers can feel good about their choice to support each one.

Have you had a recent opportunity to support female-led businesses? As the stressful news cycle continues, femme entrepreneurs need assistance and visibility now more than ever.